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Helping forward thinking organizations and driven professionals achieve their audacious goals

Leadership isn’t just a title, it’s a way of being… Everyone can master self-leadership!


The most powerful leaders start by leading themselves first, before others.

Grow into your potential, and feel equipped to tackle the increasingly complex challenges life & work throw at you. 

Are you experiencing the following career challenges?


Are you struggling with overwhelm and at risk of burnout?

Career Progression

Are you looking to take the next step in your career?


Are you suffering from imposter syndrome or lack of confidence?

Lack of Clarity

Are you following & conforming, when you should be leading?

Let’s get real for a second here….

The world and the workplace are moving at lightning speed, and the challenges we face are bigger and more urgent than ever before.
This new way of working demands a new type of leader - one who and takes charge of their own growth and development.
The most powerful leaders start by leading themselves first.
  • They own what they want and they take action
  • They show up energized, engaged and motivated
  • They drive business forward
  • They thrive in career and in life, without burning out
  • They succeed and become unstoppable

Unstoppable Leadership is a program that provides ambitious women at all levels the coaching and training they need by tapping into the source of their unique challenges in order to recognize and grow through them and become masters of their life and career.

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Cassie Jeppson

Unstoppable Leadership was one of the best leadership courses I've ever participated in. Get out of your comfort zone, experience real growth and development, learn to get out of your own way and get the most authentic feedback of your career. I'd recommend this course and Rema's coaching to anyone looking to dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development.


Self-leadership development for individuals and organizations to meet their goals and learn to lead & live

Rema Lolas

Rema Lolas is a Leadership Coach and owner of Mind Matrix, a boutique coaching and consulting firm helping passionate organizations and driven professionals achieve their audacious goals - by becoming masters of self-leadership.

Because in a high-speed world and workplace that continues to demand more and more of us - the ability to know what you want and how to get there is a highly desirable advantage. Plus, if you’re only as capable as your level of development allows you to be, you don’t wait around for someone to direct your future…you take ownership yourself.

With over 20 years of tech industry leadership experience in sales, channels, and training & enablement, certifications in coaching, plus her own story of corporate burnout, Rema creates customized programs, courses and workshops that give organizations and individuals radical clarity and confidence to carve their own pathway to success - Because leadership starts with YOU.