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All leaders face challenges on a daily basis - some are handled with ease and poise, and others can rock the leader and organisation to its core. Whether it is in relating to others or how the leader reacts to situations they encounter, the challenging situations that arise are the sign-posts that there is an opportunity for development and an area to coach to as a leader. That’s where 1:1 coaching comes in!

Mind Matrix is built on key beliefs that....

  • As individuals grow & develop personally, so too do the teams and organisations they work for and lead
  • The most powerful leaders begin by leading themselves effectively, to make leading others more impactful
  • Everyone can master self-leadership!

Do you..

want to grow out of the thoughts, beliefs or internal chatter that is holding you back from what you want to achieve in your career, and leadership?

Are you..

ready to break through your "stuck" ness & change old patterns of behaviour that keep repeating and stop you from achieving what you set out to?

Do you..

want to rise allowing people in your life to get under your skin and bring out the worst in you, and want to breakthrough for the sake of your overall success?

Book a Leadership Breakthrough​

Coaching Programs are for:

  • CEO & C-Suite
  • Founders, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • Executive Team
  • Director Level & Above
  • Senior & General Managers
  • New, Aspiring, High-Potential & Seasoned Leaders 

Are you ready to breakthrough to a life of freedom and the greatest possibility of you?

Book a complimentary Leadership Breakthrough session where we will make introductions, explore your coaching needs and journey to date,​ and check our chemistry is a fit for a productive working relationship.

Book a Leadership Breakthrough​
Individuals who master self-leadership are critical to your organisation, as a leader who can’t effectively manage and lead themselves can't truly be successful at managing or leading others. A lack of self-leadership can impact results and is oftentimes a source of challenges in the workplace.
Your organisation needs clear, confident, capable and motivated leaders to execute on your mission.

Benefits of 1:1 Coaching



  • Executive presence, strong increased self-awareness and agency
  • Accept responsibility, are energised, engaged and motivated
  • Take initiative to drive themselves, their teams and the business forward
  • Manage emotions and behaviours
  • Increased confidence and resiliency
  • Communicate effectively and build strong rapport and relationships 
  • Higher tolerance for complex situations, difficult personalities or uncertainty
  • Progress in defined area of development
  • Ability to delegate and empower others

Team & Organisation 


  • Increased levels of trust and accountability
  • Respond positively & constructively to conflict and other challenging situations
  • Lower attrition rates
  • Increased overall productivity
  • Enhanced team engagement, morale & culture





What can you expect from a coaching session with me?

I am all about getting straight to the heart of things, in order to maximise your sessions, and help you get to where you want to be. We do this...

Judgement Free

The environment created is safe and judgement free and you are in the drivers seat as we explore your inner world

Gaining Clarity

Through a series of thought-provoking, and often eye-opening questions, we'll gain clarity on the real problem

Growth Practice

We'll implement new practices & strategies to get you to your desired outcome and maximise your potential 

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Book a complimentary Leadership Breakthrough Session​

What my clients have to say...



Rema is an observant development coach. Rema effectively redirects the conversation in a productive way where we address what I keep avoiding. I’ve found our sessions insightful, confronting and ground-breaking. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my beliefs, and lack of internal authority that feed my ‘stuckness’.I’ve learnt to understand the what, why and how I’ve been cycling through habits that no longer serve me. Our sessions have resulted in me showing up differently— evident in my confidence, self-awareness and authenticity. Very powerful.

Thank you, Rema!






I first considered the idea of coaching as I was in the middle of Sydney's second lockdown, living alone, approaching 40 and having a difficult time reconciling a life relatively well lived and what turned out to be my own thoughts of what everyone else was expecting of me to be and do. Discussions with Rema shone a light onto very old behaviours and notions that had helped me get to a certain point in life, but couldn't take me any further. The biggest outcome has been a renewed trust in myself and my own thoughts and ideas. I am also no longer giving away my power to my idealisation of other people's thoughts of how I should exist. My sessions were informative, transformative and, most importantly, safe. Rema creates a space to safely voice and follow thoughts to a point of understanding where growth and adjustments can be made. 



I'd always struggled with contradicting feelings of self belief mixed with a lot of self doubt in the workplace, and couldn't understand where it was all stemming from. As I move through my career into leadership roles, I really wanted to tackle what I was experiencing. There's so much that we unpacked in our sessions and were able to get to many root causes and analyse my feelings. Rema is very skilled at guiding the sessions while you're steering your own path to success. She creates a safe space where you know you're being heard, and challenges you so you can step into your best self. I very quickly found myself turning some of my unhelpful thought habits around. I'm a work in progress, the feelings of self belief are getting stronger as the old stories are getting quieter. No matter your story, I believe anyone who wants to be their best self can benefit from Rema's coaching. 

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