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Hello, I'm Rema Lolas.

From a young age, helping people has been a significant part of my life, both personally and professionally, and has given meaning and purpose to everything I have achieved.

My Story

What is it that makes you get out of bed, gets the blood coursing through your veins, makes your stomach giddy with excitement, your smile beam across your face? What is that one thing, that when you do it, you get a twinkle in your eyes and it actually feels like your heart is smiling?
Empowering women to be who they are, and do what they want, without the self-sacrifice that is engrained in many of us from a young age is a mission close to my heart. When I can help facilitate someone to first understand and then breakthrough what has been holding them back, I feel an excitement surge through me like no other. I have unknowingly been doing it for years through the various roles I've played in my life.
Coming from an extensive background in leadership, I know firsthand that although many women can and do shine through hard work, perseverance and resilience; that oftentimes we are not recognising the stories we tell ourselves that hold us back from shining at our brightest, or allowing ourselves to really embrace and enjoy the journey.
From imposter syndrome, perfectionism, self-judgment, our inner-critic, conditional self-esteem, our fear of "being seen", caring what others think, the worry of being misunderstood, feeling unheard…. I've seen, and experienced it all.

I've stood at many women's networking events and panels, and always left feeling inspired by the bravery of the women sharing their stories, that I was not alone experiencing these afflictions..… and yet, somehow a lot of this inspiration felt empty.

I could certainly recognise similar experiences, but never felt I learned how to understand how I was programmed to tell myself unresourceful stories, so I breakthrough them. This is the gap I have both witnessed and experienced, and the opportunity I see to provide women the tools to understand what is at the heart of their stories, and facilitate a transformation.

It was only early 2021 that my mission really became really clear to me… I didn’t get many of the answers I sought as a leader and when I polled my network of amazing women, they still felt the same.  Not because no one wanted to help, but because no one could hear the stories that I, and many other women tell ourselves.
My mission is to empower ambitious females, to break from their stories and get what they want, without the self-sacrifice, and the burnout that I myself experienced. To move past feelings of lack of confidence, inability to communicate effectively or second guess their leadership, to leading purposefully with an ability to influence and inspire with lasting impact. 
I provide female leaders the support, coaching and mentoring to finally breakthrough and to go from uncertain to unstoppable leadership of self and others. 

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