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The 4Cs for success as a woman in leadership Part One: Clarity

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Our last article introduced the four C's of success as a woman in leadership. In this article, we take a look into Clarity - the quality or state of being clear.

There is nothing worse than waking up one day and realising you have been so busy "running on the mouse wheel" that you have not achieved anything you truly want (if you actually happen to know what that is). Or, that you have been busy climbing a ladder, that perhaps was leaning against the wrong wall. We can spend so much of our lives doing what others ask of us or what we think they want from us in order to receive love, acceptance, attention or approval. To feel good enough. This people pleasing is often engrained at a very young age.

We fall into new roles because we have been programmed to believe what the next accepted progression will be, or what others voice what they think we are good at,  or share that we have skills valuable to a particular function; however, often these roles don't provide the fulfilment we need as individuals. Often, we are not aware we have pursued this path that is out of alignment to what we want, until we wake up burned out and lost, failing to fulfil our inner desires both personally and professionally. 

Having clarity is a powerful state of being. When you have clarity about what you want, limitations cease to exist, you are aware of your purpose, and the road to success becomes clear as you move toward it (should you have the confidence to take it - we'll explore that more in the next article).

Clarity is a top concern for many women we work with at Mind Matrix - clarity of purpose, clarity of what they truly want, clarity of their leadership style, and clarity of direction. The good news is that this specific quality is attainable for every one of us, and we are here to guide you while you harness it! 

Take a moment to ask yourself, do I know where I want to take my career? Am I able to clearly articulate a vision for my team, my life and my work? Do I get distracted and lose focus when new tasks arise? Do I find myself stuck in a loop and reverting back to old ways after making initial progress towards a goal? Do I sit on the fence when making decisions? Do I know what I want? If the answers are unclear, then chances are you are struggling with clarity and this blocks the path to reaching not only what you want, but also your greatest potential.

The first pillar of our Women + Leadership program works on clarity of self and the personal actions required to fulfil our core desires as individuals and leaders. We focus on clarity to help you tap into your purpose and life and career goals. We facilitate understanding what type of leader you are, the leader you want to be, and uncovering what might be holding you back from achieving what you truly desire. As a leader, demonstrating clarity around the bigger picture through your leadership vision and purpose motivates and unleashes the drive in each team member to achieve personal success in accomplishing the vision. 

Imagine all that you could achieve if you had personal and professional clarity, and a clear sense of purpose and direction. Discover your vision, chart your course, and equip yourself and your team with a plan to achieve the big things. Clarity is attainable for every person, regardless of circumstance. Find clarity in your path and get intentional about it; while it can be a challenging journey, once there, the possibilities are endless. 

Check out Women + Leadership for additional details on the upcoming program that begins creating meaning, purpose and clarity as a leader to make a lasting impact.