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Lead Yourself To Success - with Nick Hoskins

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I had an awesome catch-up with my ex-colleague and partner-in-crime during my selling years at Citrix, and good friend Nick Hoskins. We hit up Babylon in Sydney and sipped on some mouthwatering spicy margs in the lead up to Cinco de Mayo while diving into the topic of success and self-leadership.

Success isn't what it used to be for Nick (nor for me but more on that another time). Gone are the days of chasing titles and accolades. Now, as Country Leader for Datadog ANZ, success is all about finding contentment and satisfaction in rolling up his sleeves and putting in a solid day's work and being there for his team, providing value and support. His leadership style is equally about helping his team to self-lead and empowering them to maximise their decision making power as a key personal development.

He also shared some great anecdotes about two individuals that came to mind when he thought about the most successful people he knows, his brother and his mother, who exemplify work-life balance and family, and resilience through all that life throws at us.

Here are Nick's top three tips for leading yourself to success: 

1️⃣ “Get really clear on your ambition and what you want to do, and why those things are important. It’s fine to want money, but if there is not a level of fulfillment, it will get old. Try to be aware of what truly drives you so you don't fall into short-term thinking about money and power. Try and strike a balance between something you enjoy and what you are good at.”

2️⃣ “Don't make any compromises when it comes to health and well being. Be deliberate about managing your own health because a healthy mind and body impacts how effective you can be at work.  Take care of yourself - but have fun along the way.”

3️⃣ “Figure out as early as you can the lifestyle you want to have, what you gotta earn, and then figure out what's the right path for you to be able to sustain that sort of lifestyle.  Set goals and have an end goal - ask yourself, what does good look like for me? Do I want to retire by 55? Do I want to be able to have an income where I can have a holiday once a year? These are things you don't typically think about until you’re a little bit older, but just having that thought process early in your career will give you so much clarity and help you to make some better decisions.”

Lastly, I asked Nick about his advice to his younger self… he said:

Don't beat yourself up too much, life’s too short. I was and still can be my own worst critic and enemy. I feel that the criticism lifts gradually as we get older, and go through life, but as a young person, for me, it was so intense and I was the one applying that pressure. I think many young people still do that - especially ambitious young people because they set a high standard for themselves based on what they think good looks like; and a lot of the time they get that right, but the pressure people put on themselves is insane. It’s not necessary.

Give yourself a break. You actually have more time than you realise. So my advice to myself would be don’t sweat the small stuff. Go after the things that matter and don't worry about the rest - it will take care of itself.”

I cared way too much about what other people thought, but like I said as you get older that does start to lift, but when you're young and so unbearable.”

I absolutely loved this share so much because it is so similar to my own experience in my early career and to so many of the clients I coach today on these same challenges - and breaking through the habits and behaviours we don't know are unconsciously running us. Rising through our years and careers, we can often set ourselves such high standards to meet some external definition of “success” and then we expend so much energy trying to meet these unrealistic standards. Doing this we waste some of the best years of our lives carrying the stress and emotion that comes from it all. Does this resonate with you? 

Rather, when we can get clear on what we want, and how we define success, we can then build our own self trust, care less about what others think and follow our own path and journey to achieve it. 

Thanks Nick! Such an inspiring conversation, and so grateful for your candid and raw shares!

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