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Senior women are calling it quits after decades climbing the career ladder 

This article coincides with 3 powerful conversations I personally had today with women (from 3 different countries) who either now or at some point have felt guilty to leave their current positions since they have risen to leadership roles. They have finally earned a seat at the table, and they feel they are letting the junior women, and woman-kind down by walking away.

It certainly isn’t the responsibility of women alone to help other women rise and take on diversity in organisations.

More needs to be done, quickly, to drive and support diversity in the workplace. Tokenistic events such as IWD shine a light for 24 hours of 8760 hours in a year. How are we doing embracing equity before next March 8?

The article below highlights strong women leading themselves, their lives and their careers. Taking responsibility for their needs and what they want; and this is a great example for the younger women. If what they want is a senior leadership position within a corporation, have at it; but if not, then they owe it to themselves to follow their own path.

When we spend our lives feeling guilty because we are not pleasing others, marching to the beat of someone else’s drum, and living up to expectations and definitions of success that are not our own, it’s a recipe for burnout, mental health challenges, and often much worse.

If you know you need a break, take it. 
If you’re unfulfilled, find out what fulfils you. 
If you’re not happy, work out what will make you happy.
If you don’t know what you want, work on that.

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