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The 4Cs for success as a woman in leadership Part Three: Communication

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We’ve all experienced a communication breakdown at some point. Maybe you misinterpreted someone’s tone in an email or text message. Misread instructions. Or you weren’t able to get a message across due to language or cultural barriers. 

When communication fails, it can make you feel unheard and disrespected. The fear of being misinterpreted, or saying the wrong thing, can stop you from speaking up at all.

Communication is one of life’s most important skills.  It’s essential to how we interact with each other. We all want to be heard, particularly by the people who matter most to us, and we want to make sure our messages are received and understood in the way we intended.

Whether it’s verbal, non-verbal or written, all types of communication play an essential role in our workplace and everyday life. Being able to communicate effectively helps to:

  • reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings and conflict
  • encourage meaningful relationships
  • build trust
  • create efficient, confident teams
  • provide clarity of purpose.

The upcoming Mind Matrix Women + Leadership Program takes a deep dive into communication. We take a look at how and what we communicate, and we discuss some of the common barriers that get in the way of effective communication.

How many times have you started a sentence like this?

  • “This is probably a silly question…”
  • "I might be wrong…"
  • "Sorry to have to say this…."

Sound familiar? Then your communication skills are likely in need of an upgrade! 

Women tend to filter what they actually mean – either from a lack of confidence or because we don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings – and this can hold you back from finding your voice. In the program, we help women understand how they’re censoring themselves and how to own what they’re saying. We also provide guidance about how to overcome common communication fears, such as speaking up in front of superiors, having difficult conversations, resolving conflict and giving/receiving feedback. 

We want to see you own your voice, love your voice, and communicate your message with clarity and confidence! 

Find out more about how the Women + Leadership Program can enhance your communication skills so your message and voice can be heard the way you intend it. The next program launches on Friday 5th August.